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Semble was founded in 2013 based on a simple premise — with the right materials and know how, anyone can have a beautiful kitchen at the right price. With over 60 years of experience making kitchens, we spend our time helping everyday Australians build their own unique Australian-made kitchen Flat Packs, guiding them every step of the way.

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Semble Today

We wanted to give everyone in Australia the Semble experience, so we built our simple online kitchen planner, so anyone could see what a Semble kitchen would look like in their home. Since its inception, Australians have been imagining their new kitchen at Semble.com.au, and having it delivered direct to their door!

What Makes Us Better

There’s a lot of websites where you can get the parts you need, there’s a lot of showrooms where you can see the kitchens before you buy them, and a lot of local hardware stores where you can get friendly, helpful advice. Semble is the only place where you can get it all in one spot online. We’re a friendly, family based team dedicated to getting you set up, from a complete range of cabinets, tools and accessories, to an amazing online kitchen planner that lets you put it all together without leaving the house.

A Family of Experts in Your Pocket

Semble isn’t just an online kitchen planner. It’s run by a family team with over 3 generations of kitchen experts, so we know what it takes to get your kitchen built right. We offer high quality kitchenware and hardware at a price you can afford, the tools to design it all online, and a team dedicated to getting it to your door, ready to build, in days.

We Love Australian Made Flatpacks!

We wanted to make sure that Semble was affordable as well as good looking. To hit this balance we use advanced technology in production, automation and distribution to make it possible to give you factory prices with a consumer experience. The flat pack design makes it incredibly easy to assemble as well as affordable to ship, and because it’s manufactured in Australia we can apply rigorous quality control, so it’s enviro-friendly and reliable.

5 Great Things About Semble

<p>Semble flatpack cabinets are Australian made</p>

Semble flatpack cabinets are Australian made

That’s right! Made here in Australia, by Australians for Australian kitchens. We use Australian suppliers where-ever possible and focus on recycling and clean processes throughout our manufacturing chain.

<p>Semble flatpack cabinets are great quality!</p>

Semble flatpack cabinets are great quality!

Don’t accept that flatpack means less quality. Demand the best for your next project... Cabinets that are easy to assemble, accurate to align, simple to adjust and install, and provide a stunning and high quality finish at a price that you’ll love.

<p>Control your own project & costs: design online to save</p>

Control your own project & costs: design online to save

Semble DIY Flatpack Cabinets offer a complete online solution - from resource-rich pages with tips & tricks through to our online itemised quotes, you'll have all the tools to plan and scope your next project.

<p>Delivery direct to your door</p>

Delivery direct to your door

Simplify your project with delivery direct to your door. Don’t waste your precious renovation time when we deliver direct to your door... Every cabinet in its own labelled box, each box in a single protected shipping crate...

<p>Looking for a complete solution</p>

Looking for a complete solution

Semble DIY Flatpack Cabinets offer a complete solution from benchtops cut to length, machined for bench-joins through to appliances, accessories and contemporary finishes. Semble is the perfect one-stop-shop solution for your next project.

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