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The Laminex Colour Palette, with over 200 total decors, has the potential to warm, lighten or lift any design. Inspiration comes in a multitude of colours and patterns – why not design your next project with Laminex doors and panels.

Please note: these colour tiles have been provided by the manufacturer and are an indicative sample of the colour specified. Slight differences in actual colour may be experienced when viewed online compared to the actual product.


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The Laminex Group warrants the original purchaser of any (Laminex Natural doors) Vertiboard for interior residential use who is a consumer.

It will as its option, repair or replace without charge if it is defective directly as a result of its manufacture during the first 7 years after initial purchase. Proof of purchase will be required. The warranty does not cover where the defect is trivial or insubstantial.

If the defective material no longer forms part of the Laminex Groups standard stock range it reserves the right to provide a replacement product of as close a shape, type and colour match as is reasonably possible from the current prevailing product range.


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