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5 Kitchen Trends for your next Flat Pack Kitchen!

Whether you’re renovating your home or starting from scratch, the Flat Pack Kitchen is often the most exciting part. We’re excited to present you the trends that will dominate 2017!

Size Doesn’t Matter in your Flat Pack Kitchen

Size shouldn’t matter when the system is well-designed and functional. This can be achieved by making every corner of your kitchen work for you through considering ergonomic efficiency and storage capacity. Optimizing your flat pack kitchen choices can be achieved with Semble’s open shelves and lift up cabinets.

Open shelves are a great way to maximise storage while providing a practical display place for kitchenware or accessories. Your size-challenged kitchen can be further optimized by utilizing lift up cabinets, which can save space and avoid obstructing adjacent shelves and cabinets.

Another small but effective tactic is a mirrored backsplash – this opens up the room in an unexpected spot. Creating the illusion of space is also facilitated by natural light, which will compliment a mirror element nicely. These elements, along with simple open shelving prove that design choices don’t have to be expensive to completely overhaul a space. Just because a kitchen is small it doesn’t mean that the design ideas can’t be big.

Grey tones

Flat Pack KitchenIf you’re not a fan neither of vibrant colourful bursts or dark, moody tones there is always the perfect medium – the sophisticated grey tonalities! While these tones are not often a first choice, greys are practical and will create a modern and sleek feel that will never go out of style. Having fixed grey elements is diverse and allows for a simple decoration or injection of colour to really stand out. Whether you keep it simple or want to have some statement pieces, your greyscale kitchen can be refreshed with ease to suit personal or trending styles.

The glossy kitchen is in our rear view mirror, and matt surfaces are dominating. A matt grey surface is a strong choice – it ensures that palette isn’t overwhelming and keeps the styling timeless. To achieve a high quality, modern look use Semble’s Stone Marquina (Matt) on benchtops or a Strata Grey (Matt) door finishing. Your Flat Pack Kitchen doesn’t have to have a bold feature or in-you-face design choice, instead keep it simple and streamlined with simple tonalities which can be layered, creating a timeless but beautiful kitchen.


The use of timber in kitchen design has evolved over the years and can be used in clever and beautiful ways in even the most modern of kitchens. Timber can be a part of a surprising number of combinations, it can dominate the style, be a feature, or incorporated into an overall theme throughout the kitchen. Having a feature of timber hues with natural light can create and open and inviting feel. Or simply pairing wooden countertops and shelving with white cabinets can result in a gorgeous and sophisticated look. These ideas can create a warm, earthy atmosphere in an otherwise plain or cool kitchen – while creating interesting contrasts.


Flat Pack Kitchen


Incorporate timber into your dream kitchen with a Semble Natural Oak Ravine Tightform benchtop with Polar White Polytec door finish. Or for a modern moody look combine Jamaican Walnut door finishes with Feldspar Shimmer benchtops.


Semble colours

Patterned Tiles

Over the last couple of years we have seen minimal kitchen rule the roost, however character-filled kitchens will be dominant in 2017. Standout tile patterns are the key to this, as trends veer away from traditional subway tile variations. Patterned tiles can be bold and vibrant, however can also move towards neutral tones on geometric or herringbone shaped tiles. Depending how you want to play it, you could have a bold feature or you can incorporate a neutral-tone patterned tile to complete an overall look.


Flat Pack Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse

Flat Pack KitchenAlso referred to as transitional kitchens, modern farmhouse kitchens find the perfect medium between traditional and contemporary styles. The beauty of this style is that you can pick what elements you want to reconstruct from traditional styles and what ones you draw from contemporary styles – resulting in a beautiful kitchen which is uniquely yours! The spread of elements from each era doesn’t need to fall in the middle, your kitchen can be predominantly sleek and modern with insertion of traditional elements or vice versa.


Transitional kitchens have the ability to evoke a warm, welcoming vibe while maintaining the crisp and sleek feel of modern design techniques. There are key elements found in transitional kitchens, however as mentioned before this design is flexible so they don’t have to be followed to achieve the look. One of the foundations of a transitional kitchen is the combination of natural and man-made materials – the combination of wooden elements such as benchtops, and sleek cabinetry encompasses the overall aesthetic.

Neutral shades are commonly used amongst modern farmhouse kitchens, which can also be set back with a burst of colour to make a statement or tie to in with the rest of your home.


There will be exciting developments in Flat Pack Kitchen design trends in 2017. Technology and thorough ergonomic planning can create a small but efficiently stylish kitchen. Timber allows the creation of earthy yet modern kitchens. Tiles will be making a dramatic appearance as exciting and different styles enter the market. Finally, traditional values are reconstructed and incorporated into contemporary design creating the perfect medium. Semble is excited to integrate these design concepts when working with you to create your dream kitchen!

It’s a good idea to take a look at these colour samples in real life as well as online. This is because the colours on your screen will look differently to what they are in real life. Your computer screen alters what you see slightly, so it is always a good idea to view some real samples.



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