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Are Acrylic Benchtops for me?

Acrylic benchtops offer the look of stone or marble, but have a unique warmth to touch thanks to the mix of all natural minerals blended with high-performance acrylic. Acrylic can be shaped in seamless manner, which means that there are no joins or crevices creating an aesthetically stunning look as well as being more hygienic and easy to clean.

An Acrylic benchtop is akin to a commercial-grade benchtop – you will have seen them in pubs, restaurants, shops etc but with an affordable price tag they are a great option for any kitchen project. And it has a million-dollar feel!

What are the properties of Acrylic Benchtops?

Acrylic benchtops are non-porous, and as a result they’re anti-microbial and very hygienic. This also means they won’t stain like natural stones and granite tops can. Caring for an acrylic bench-top is as easy as wiping them down with a cloth and any household cleaning agent.

White kitchen with short splashback (cropped)The non-porous nature of acrylic forms a surface that no stain can penetrate, providing a durable bench top that is both hygienic and easy to clean making them popular for any special area as well as residential kitchens. Acrylic surfaces are repairable and renewable, meaning even after years of use they can simply be re-sanded and restored back to their original condition.


Simplicity SOLID Surfacesnon porous

The DuPont Simplicity™ range from DuPont is available to the DIY market and offers all the advantages of a solid surface benchtop such as being hygienic, non-porous and inconspicuously joined. All Simplicity™ benchtops are premade exactly to your measurements, and supplied with a simple installation kit to get you going. This allows the tops to be installed at the same time as your kitchen. This will save you time and further disruption during your renovation or building process.

The seamless nature of Simplicity™ separates it apart from other materials, particularly with nay design where the layout calls for large islands or work areas where visible joins are unwanted and unavoidable with other benchtop options.

Simplicty COLOURS

The Simplicity™ colour palette has been carefully selected and developed to meet the needs of the Australian market. Although Simplicity™ is a material with unique properties, it has similar attributes to other materials when it comes to dark colours which tend to show wear and tear more easily. Light scratching is considered normal and is not covered by the product warranty.
Colour range - simplicity at a glance


Transform any project any something different with an upgrade to an Acrylic top. Here’s why so people are choosing from the DuPont Simplicity™ range:

  1. Highly durable: Acrylic tops are tough and hardwearing – meaning that it will withstand the wear and tear of a busy kitchen. In fact, with its heat and stain resistance, it is proven to outlast most other types of kitchen benchtop.
  2. More Forgiving on Breakables: Acrylic tops are generally regarded to have a slight elastic surface which can help prevent breaks.
  3. No joins or seams: The very nature of the products allows you to seamlessly join different sections of tops. Create a continuous surface with no visible joins for a more visually appealing benchtop.
  4. Warm to the touch: All natural minerals mixes with high-performance acrylic creates a really unique feel.
  5. Wear and Tear: Acrylic tops are highly durable, heat and stain resistant, and proven to outlast most other kitchen benchtops.
  6. Easy to repair: Accidents happen, particularly in busy kitchens. If you get a scratch or chip in your DuPont Simplicity™ benchtop, it can easily be sanded and filled with new material – so that it is returned to its as-new appearance quickly and conveniently. Unlike other benchtop options which require removal, repairs can be carried out in your home never leaving you without a benchtop.
  7. 7 year warranty: Your DuPont Simplicity™ benchtop will stand the test of time, remaining as sleek and smooth as the day it was installed. It comes with a 7- year quality guarantee to give you extra peace of mind.


Cropped bench


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