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How to Bring Your Dream Kitchen to Life with the Best Flat Pack Kitchens on the Market

You know what your dream kitchen looks like; you’ve just never had the tools to realise it. Maybe you want a sprawling open concept design with floor to ceiling cabinets and the most cutting edge of appliances. Perhaps you want something a bit more conservative. Either way, there is no reason for your dream design to stay locked in your head any longer.

With Semble’s simple online kitchen builder, you can quickly lay out beautiful cabinets, appliances, fixtures and accessories to map out your kitchen in 2D. You can even explore a 3D rendering of your design, to get a sense of what it might be like to walk into your dream kitchen for the first time.

No design experience is necessary to use the Semble design tool. If you have design experience, great! If you consider yourself the furthest thing from an architect on the face of the earth, that’s great too. Our tool was designed to be straightforward and intuitive, and no matter who you are, you can learn to use it and come up with a brilliant kitchen design in the process.

Semble’s Flat Packed Kitchens

Once you complete your design using Semble’s online tool, you will have a few options. You can get an official quote for all of the components you added to your design—including cabinets, fixtures, door handles, appliances and accessories.

You can also place an order, and Semble will manufacture your design and ship them right to your door. It’s the perfect home renovation solution because it saves you from having to go out to a kitchen showroom, view different cabinets and fixtures, pick the ones you like and ship them to your house. Instead, most of your stuff arrives at your house in flat pack boxes, leaving the assembly step of the process up to you.

Indeed, at Semble, we often advertise our products as ‘flat pack kitchens.’ While it might seem that having to assemble your cabinets could be time-consuming and arduous, it isn’t the case with Semble. A quality flat pack kitchen is designed to be simple to assemble and sturdy enough to stand the test of time in your kitchen. We pack each cabinet frame, door and benchtop securely, to guarantee that it makes it to you in good shape. Each cabinet also comes in an individual box, with clear instructions for assembly. Putting together your dream kitchen using Semble’s flat pack kitchen cabinets is hardly more complicated than putting it together in our online tool.

Why Semble’s Products Make for the Best Flat Pack Kitchens Available

Semble’s flat packed kitchens stand apart from competing products in several ways. First off, our cabinets and other products are made locally by Australians for Australians. Secondly, we look for only the highest quality and most environmentally friendly materials possible, ensuring greater sustainability across the board. Finally, most of our customers find that, by designing their kitchens online and picking out flat pack kitchen cabinets and other essentials that way, they can stay in better control of both their vision and their budget.

Do you want to see the advantages of Semble’s best flat pack kitchen designs in action? Head to our homepage and start using our 3D online design tool today.

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