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Choosing a Colour Scheme? Then it’s time for a Semble Sample kit!

Need a helping hand with a Colour Scheme?

The Semble sample kit is loaded with contemporary colours and will get your project on the right track?

Our Semble design team is here to help you with our Semble Sample kit – a simple inspiring kit containing a selection of our most popular colours. Choose a contemporary colour scheme with confidence and simplicity. This kit has been specifically created for savvy DIYers that are renovating and are looking for confidence around popular and modern colour choices.

This is the perfect starter kit to help you wade through the many decisions involved in designing your new kitchen or bathroom space.

A Family of Experts in Your Pocket

Get your colour selection perfect!

Semble isn’t just an online kitchen planner. We are a family team with over 3 generations of kitchen experts. We know what it takes to get your kitchen built right. If we can help you finalise a Colour Scheme then don’t hesitate to let us know. If you have something a little more custom in mind we would love to talk to you also!


We offer high-quality kitchenware and hardware at a price you can afford, the tools to design it all online, and a team dedicated to getting it to your door, ready to build in days.


Make the process simple and let us be a part of your renovation team.



Talk to us today about your next project!

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