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Create Custom Kitchens Online

Kitchen DIY projects are extremely popular and can be very rewarding. Here at Semble, we try to make designing your own custom kitchens online even easier by doing the hard work for you. We follow global joinery trends and our cabinet range reflects this. Creating custom kitchens online is easy when the entire joinery world is available to you through us!

Custom Kitchens Online Trends

Custom Kitchens OnlineA very common trend continuing to come out of Europe is height variance. The concept comes from treating your joinery like furniture.

No longer does your kitchen need straight lines and equal heights!

Playing with heights can really make your kitchen a piece of art and can be ergonomically beneficial. Hence Semble has created a range of compact height cabinets and open shelves to help make that next project amazing.


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Compact Height Cabinets – Lift Up Storage

One of the essential functions of a kitchen is to provide adequate storage. Because of their height, the Semble Compact range is perfect for above a sink or rangehood. Consequently, it allows you to obtain extra storage without hitting your head when you wash dishes. The Aventos lift-up mechanism offers a high level of design freedom for small, high, wall cabinets at an economical price, saving your budget for big ticket items.

The Aventos lift-up mechanism offers a high level of design freedom for small, high, wall cabinets at an economical price. Which helps you save your budget for those big ticket items.

Check out the Blum website for more information on the lift-up mechanism.


Step out of the Box – Open Storage

Similar to the Aventos cupboard, the Semble range of Compact open shelf cabinets is also available in a matching compact height.

So if mixing heights is not your thing, try incorporating an open shelf above an Aventos cupboard into your design to create a point of difference. Open shelves are visually appealing and they can provide a practical solution for readily used items in your design.

Think about what height you’re storing frequently used items, less frequently used items and infrequently used items. Find a storage solution that meets your household’s needs.

Frequently used items should be stored around the benchtop height, less frequently used items directly above or below those, and infrequently used items can be stored on top of cabinets, or in the bottom drawer.


You are likely to be living with your kitchen for a long time, so pay careful consideration to the age & mobility of your household. Will it still be convenient to reach up/bend down in 10 years time? Plan your cabinet layout and storage solutions with a view to the future.

Why not try out the Semble Online Kitchen Planner and get your next project moving. From the comfort of your own home you can use your laptop to create a 3D visual of your dream kitchen.

With the confidence you have drawn to scale you will be able see an accurate budget giving you the peace of mind before spending a dollar.

Once you have a your custom kitchens online saved, we would love to have one of our professional Kitchen Designers review it and offer both technical advice and general recommendations – simply contact us at sales@semble.com.au

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