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Create a Timeless Kitchen With Colour Trends

It’s an exciting time in a renovator’s life to start on the kitchen. Even though it is daunting at first, colour is always the most enjoyable aspect of planning. There are many colour trends that affect your kitchen in different ways. However, most people get anxious that their colour choices will date quickly. Colour trends come and go fast but some manage to stick around for years. This is why we have provided a selection of beautiful colour trends for your benchtops and cabinet doors.

Black, White, and GreyColour trends

Black and white have always been one of the popular colour trends for interiors and fashion. This combination is easy to live with because of there being no real strong colours present, just strong contrast. When you think of black and white, you think of sophistication. These colours will definitely give an element of it to your kitchen.

If you end up thinking that your kitchen feels a bit too dark, add colourful accessories. This will help brighten your kitchen. Also, if you get sick of your current layout accessories are easier to replace and reorganise than an entire kitchen.

Black is very strong and will make a huge impact on your kitchen. So, use it sparingly if you have a small space. A glossy finish will help the black surfaces spread light around the room and make the black less heavy.

To also create maximum impact with the black and white colour scheme, find the brightest white and the purest black. If you think the contrast is too harsh between the two, you can introduce some grey tones.

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Colour trends

Cabinet Colour 1: ‘Polar White’ (Matt)
The purest white in the Polytec range.

Cabinet Colour 2: ‘Graphite’ (Matt)
Polytec’s closest to black, for those who don’t want a harsh, dark black in their kitchen.

Benchtop Colour: ‘Concrete Fabrini’ (Matt)
A light grey from the Polytec range, perfect for adding those grey tones to your design.

Navy and CreamColour trends

Navy is another one of the sophisticated and timeless colour trends. It is up to you to choose which of navy’s tones will suit your home and space best. You may have it in your mind that navy has to be a military colour, but this is not true. Navy can range from almost black, to a more muted and grey toned colour.

No matter your choice in shade, using that with a contrasting cream tone warms the space. However, make sure the cream is warm and not too yellow. Navy being a dark colour, it is understandable if you’re hesitant to use it in your kitchen. But if you love the colour, you can make it a feature colour of your space. Make your kitchen island bench or some overhead cabinets your chosen navy. Whatever’s left can be a lighter cream colour to contrast the navy and bring more light into the space.

Get the Look!Colour trends

Cabinet Colour: ‘Alabaster’ (Matt)
A warm cream that is almost white.

Benchtop Colour: ‘Maroso Milan’ (Ravine)
A textured grey navy wood surface.

Natural Tones

Colour trends

Natural doesn’t have to mean boring if that’s what you think! The natural colour trend is homely, warm, and ageless. None of the colours are overpowering and are soft and inviting. You will never tire of looking at your space due to the soft tones.

These natural sandy and stone colours are perfect for a country or traditional style kitchen. Sandy cabinets with a stone benchtop makes for a great combination while sticking to the natural tone colour trend.

For your benchtops, look for colours that mimic that of natural stone. Great for those on a budget, you get the style benefits of natural stone without splurging for the actual stone. Make a selection that isn’t too busy, too much to the bench design may make you tired of the design.

Get the Look!Colour trends

Cabinet Colour: ‘Amaro’ (Sheen)
A light sandy colour, with a sheen to keep the space bright. Also available in thermolaminate.

Benchtop Colour: ‘Visoni Stone’ (Matt)
A light grey stone-like surface.


White on WhiteColour trends

White is easy to live with and one of the more basic colour trends. There’s no risk of colour clash, you can’t get tired of looking at it, and it doesn’t demand your attention. Accessorising your space with
other colours also helps the space to really become the best it can be.

An all-white kitchen has a simple, graceful feel no matter what shades you use. But choose the shades wisely. Think more about the cooler shades rather than something too warm. The lights you have in your kitchen can sometimes make the warmer shades seem yellow and that’s better avoided.

Get the Look!Colour trends

Cabinet Colour: ‘Polar White’ (Sheen)
The purest white in the Polytec range.

Benchtop Colour: ‘Blanco Marquina’ (Gloss)
Slightly darker white than cabinets.

French GreyColour trends

These French style kitchens have a colour trend consisting of light blues, soft greys, antique whites, and muted coffee colours. These softer colours help create a timeless modern or traditional kitchen. If you’re looking for a bit more colour, soft greys can have a tinge of blue, yellow, or even pink. That way you don’t sacrifice the colour trend and French style.

Even though this style focuses on greys, don’t forget to add some contrast to your kitchen. The cabinets and benchtop should be different shades or colours to avoid a flat, uninteresting colour scheme.

Get the Look!Colour trends

Cabinet Colour: ‘Strata Grey’ (Matt)
A basic, light grey. Also available thermolaminate.

Benchtop Colour: ‘Argento Stone’ (Matt)
A natural white stone benchtop.

White on TimberColour trends

White on timber is a homely style choice that creates a welcoming feel to your kitchen. Combining the natural timber contrasts beautifully with white. This also gives off a soothing effect, with the colour trend having no harsh or dark colours.

The use of the timber should be confined to feature areas like benchtops, panelling, or open shelves. Also make sure the timbers are not too reddish or dark, as you may tire of these more easily.

It’s also important to consider whether you are aiming for a traditional or contemporary style. That the leads into whether you should use a modern crisp white, or a traditional creamy white.

Get the Look!Colour trends

Cabinet Colour: ‘Polar White’ (Matt)
The purest white in the Polytec range.

Benchtop Colour: ‘Natural Oak’ (Ravine)
A light timber textured laminate.


It’s a good idea to take a look at these colour samples in real life as well as online. This is because the colours on your screen will look differently to what they are in real life. Your computer screen alters what you see slightly, so it is always a good idea to view some real samples.



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