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Build and Buy Your Kitchen Online, with Semble’s Intuitive Web-Based Tool

It’s entirely possible that the idea of ‘buying your kitchen online’ seems strange. Even in an era where you can buy just about everything on the Internet, sourcing most of a home renovation from behind your computer keyboard is unusual. That concept is precisely what drives the work we do at Semble.

Launched in 2012, Semble is a kitchen renovation company with a twist. Instead of having a team of architects ready to take your call or email and start designing your dream kitchen, we defer to your judgment. No one knows the vision in your head better than you, which means that no one else is better equipped to bring that vision to life.

Designing Your Kitchens Online

We know what you’re saying to yourself: ‘But I’m not an architect!’ or ‘I’ve never designed a room layout in my life!’ While these statements may be true, though, they ultimately hold no bearing when it comes to working with Semble. With our 3D online kitchen planner, you can start laying out your kitchen on your own time, in a judgment-free zone.

Not comfortable with the web tool? Our tutorial will walk you through the basics of using the Semble system, from picking out cabinets to dragging them around your theoretical kitchen. Directions on the bottom of the screen will tell you how to rotate different cabinets, review product options and more. You can even take a few minutes to play around with the tool and familiarise yourself with the interface without working on a serious design. When you are ready to start on your actual dream kitchen, just click the ‘Reset’ button at the side of the page and start over.

We incorporated everything that makes great kitchens into the Semble online tool. You can shop cabinets, choose the colours of your cabinets, add benchtops, insert appliances, add doors and windows, incorporate sinks and taps, browse kitchen accessories and more. By the end of the process, you will have a complete architectural kitchen design, viewable in both 2D and 3D. The whole process is so enjoyable that it might even feel like a video game.

Buy Your Kitchens Online through Semble

The best thing about the Semble 3D kitchens tool, though, is that it isn’t a video game. The kitchens you build with our tool can be real kitchens if you want them to be. In addition to giving you a way to visualise your dream kitchen, Semble also allows you to compare different products, monitor your budget, create around with different layouts and figure out what items will or will not fit into your space based on dimensions.

Once you complete your design, you can see an itemised quote from Semble. If you like the design enough, you can even click ‘Order Now.’ Just like that, the team at Semble can put together the essentials of your online kitchen design and send them to you via freight shipping.

Have you designed a kitchen online that you think you would like to see become a reality? If you have anything you want to clarify before you place your order, feel free to get in touch with us at Semble. We are always happy to talk kitchens and answer customer enquiries. Reach us by dialing 1300 851 221.

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