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Design Your Own Kitchen – A Guide to Colour Finishes

When planning to design your own kitchen, it makes sense to think through every aspect to create your perfect kitchen. Experienced kitchen designers intuitively understand that changes to colour finishes can make a dramatic effect on any design.

There has never been so much choice in finish types available for kitchen designers. Considering both finishes can be a powerful element to your final design. Our discerning customers are making style or finish statements to create high quality renovations on careful budgets.

When you design your own kitchen think about what finishes you would like on your kitchen doors. To get that impressive kitchen takes consideration, even if the type of finish is the last thing you think about.

Design your own kitchenMatt Finishes

The matt finish is the main stay of most new kitchens. This go-to finish is a non-glossy, flat surface that does not reflect light. It is mostly used to achieve a more traditional, conservative, or country style kitchen. The lack of reflection is important because different panels won’t look uneven in different lights. This is common in highly glossy surfaces. Reflected light can make different corners of any design seem darker or lighter than others.

Matt is also fantastic for those who may not have the time to always be cleaning their kitchen cabinetry. Marks such as fingerprints, scratches, and other imperfections are incredibly hard to spot with a matt finish. It doesn’t mean they never need to be cleaned, just that you don’t need to worry about those pesky obvious marks!

However if you design your own kitchen for a small space, than you may want to avoid a matt finish. It will not help in making the design seem larger. To make a space feel larger, go with higher gloss finish instead to reflect light around the room. Therefore it will seem more open and large, as well as inviting.

Design your own kitchenSheen Finish

Sheen (also known as semi-gloss) is the middle ground between matt and high gloss. It is not completely reflective, but is usually easier to keep clean. These mid gloss finishes will still help to provide the space with more light. If unable to choose between matt and high gloss, perhaps this in-between finish is for you!

Sheen finish is both more durable and more economical than any of the high-gloss choices. Meaning it is an excellent choice for budget conscious designs or for spaces that need to be hard wearing.

Also like matt, fingerprints and other marks will not be immediately obvious. If you do notice them or just want to clean, it’s as simple as just wiping the surfaces with a cloth.

Design your own kitchenHigh Gloss

The high gloss finish is the shiniest finish available and suits a more contemporary or modern design.
By reflecting the most light out of these three finishes, high gloss will brighten any kitchen design. Additionally, it will naturally make your design seem larger if you’re trying to improve a small space.

High gloss surfaces do require more care to both keep clean and to maintain their high gloss finish. It is very easy with these surfaces to see scratches and fingerprints, especially on darker coloured panels.

You may decide that you still want that shine in your kitchen even if you can’t clean it regularly. Make the higher cabinet doors your darker colour and make the lower ones a lighter colour. That way, the typically more used lower doors are a colour that is less likely to make marks obvious, while maintaining a dark colour above, providing aesthetic relief to your design.

Thermo-laminated Doors – best of both worlds.

With the Transitional design still being very popular for Australian kitchens we can turn to the thermolaminated door to offer us a stylish profiled door – available in both Matt and High Gloss options – which will suit many kitchen designs.


The Thermo-laminated doors offer stunning Gloss finishes available in both solid colours and timberprints, which are a classic feature in today’s modern kitchen. Stylish, functional, and simple, THERMOLAMINATED doors & panels are suitable for any internal joinery application including kitchens, study areas or laundry cabinets.


Design Your Own Kitchen:

As with any new kitchen, these choices can seem endless and overwhelming at the start. So design your own kitchen with an open mind and look to see your options visualised using 3D software before having to commit to a final decision.


If you are considering designing your own kitchen, why not check out what we have at Semble? Use the Semble online planner to sketch out your design and play with colour in the 3D viewer.
We have a wide range of colours for each finish to make your kitchen perfect. At Semble, we sell flatpack kitchens that are beautiful and affordable. They’re also easy to assemble and are the perfect way to get the kitchen you desire on a budget.



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