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Dreaming of a Designer Kitchen? Use the Semble online Kitchen Planner to Get Started

Of all the rooms in your home, few serve as many different functions as your kitchen. Not just a space where you prepare meals for your friends and family, it’s a gathering space for those loved ones, too. It’s also a private refuge, a quiet area at the end of the day, and even a canvas for expressing yourself. Many of us have spent time thinking about our “dream kitchens.” What if you had the power to create designer kitchens tooled to your needs for a perfect fit? What if you could do it all online? With our online Kitchen Planner and Semble Flatpack Cabinets’ excellent range of products, you can do just that.

A designer kitchen doesn’t have to be the result of an expensive hired contractor’s labour. Instead, you can do it yourself with our versatile online tools and easy to assemble products. With the additional availability of appliances and fixtures, we are a real “one stop” location for all your kitchen shopping needs. With a highly refined and automated manufacturing process that utilises only fine quality materials, you can quickly obtain the kitchen of your dreams. The strict quality control of our processes shines through in the excellence of the finished product. Take a moment to think about just how easy it is to accomplish.

Six easy steps to creating your own designer kitchen

1. Familiarise yourself with our products for designer kitchens. Take a look throughout the site to get a feel for what we create. Start thinking about what you could do with it all.
2. Introduce yourself to the Kitchen Planner. Our online designer is a robust and powerful application for laying out the space. It uses information about our products and your work area to let you place items with ease.
3. Begin digitally creating the layout of your personal designer kitchen. Once you understand how it works, start playing with different designs.
4. Select colours, finishes such as drawer or cabinet hardware, and appliances, too. Order them all right here on the site with absolutely no need to go anywhere else.
5. Wait for the secure, safe delivery of your products.
6. Assemble and enjoy your new kitchen! The included instructions make assembly a breeze. We make every effort to make assembly as hassle and confusion-free as possible.

Contact us today with any questions you have about our process

With such a streamlined process and the availability of our many resource documents, crafting your dream kitchen is easily within your reach with Semble. Backed by decades of experience in our industry, we’ve created the consummate tool for kitchen and design lovers everywhere. Review our materials, delve into the fine details with the Kitchen Planner, and finally place your order. Production will begin immediately upon receipt of your successful payment. After that, it’s just 7 to 10 days before you have everything you need to get started. When you want to create a designer kitchen online, we’re excited and ready to help you make the best space possible.

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