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Designing with the Blind Corner Pantry

Do you feel backed into a corner for kitchen storage? Then perhaps the Blind Corner Pantry is worth some consideration in your next project? This is great option to maximise storage when pressured for space.

The Blind Corner Pantry is a simple and very modern take on the traditional corner pantry. Essentially just a large 2-door pantry – but one of the doors is a fixed or ‘blind’ panel which allows adjacent cabinets to be placed right into the corner against it.

The Blind Corner Pantry is much more effective in terms of footprint, and offers the ability to maximise storage in a tight layout, and is cheaper than a typical Corner Pantry option.

This is a simple option to design, assemble and install in your next project….


Step 1 – Insert a Blind Corner cabinet

Select and insert a Tall Blind Corner Pantry from the TALL CABINETS section on the scroll bar and rotate and place into the desired position.

You can see the blind corner cabinet has a 100mm void at the rear – place this into the corner…



Step 2 – Insert an Adjacent cabinet


While you can insert other tall cabinets into the corner, more often a combination of Floor and Wall cabinets are laid adjacent. Either option is fine if it suits your design requirements.

Insert an adjacent cabinet (in this case a 632mm Underbench Microwave with matching Wall Cabinet) and place this cabinet approximately 50-100mm away from the blind corner cabinet… (remember each grid square represents 50mm).

The type of cabinet is not important – whatever cabinet your design calls for can be used – but remember we try to keep appliances out of corners (so don’t use a dishwasher or appliance cabinet).



Step 3 – Insert Filler Panel

Ensure the adjacent cabinet is selected (it will have the green outline) and the select ADD LEFT from the Filler Panel option under the Product Details panel.

You will see the grey filler take up the space… The colour of this filler panel follows the cabinet that you selected  first. Need to check it? You can view the colour in 3D and will also see the colour listed on the quote.

Now repeat for the Wall Cabinet!

Step 4 – Check your Benchtops

This is relevant if you are running floor cabinets into the Blind Corner Pantry.

As elsewhere in your design – if you have selected a Filler Panel than your benchtop will run through over the top also.


Step 5 – Design with Style

While ideally not designed to stand on its own – you can certainly include a Fridge Overhead cabinet next to it – this is a very clever way to have a pantry and a fridge with extra storage on a short wall under 2000mm long – perhaps next to a door way while still maximising benchtop space elsewhere in the design.





The Blind Corner Pantry offers a compact and cost effective means of maximizing storage in your kitchen… Have a go and see what you can do  with your easy DIY kitchen cabinet layout!







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