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Designing with Benchtops

modern benchtopWhile every Semble kitchen can be perfectly complimented with granite or engineered stone – it’s also great to know you can design a stunning looking laminate top – with professionally CNC’d benchtop joins…

A high quality Laminate benchtop will feature exceptional colour depth and clarity, akin to natural materials. Semble benchtops are aimed at stylish & affordable luxury for every budget and every style, making them a natural fit for the Australian lifestyle. The reliable performance of our polytec benchtop range is attested by a 7-year warranty.


Step 1 – Complete the Basic Design

Design your kitchen cabinets online, using the snap feature to allow each cabinet to touch each other…. Choose your preferred corner option (corner-cabinet or blind-corner) – this will allow you to specify your benchtop joins…

Don’t forget finishing details like Bar Panels or End Panels for a complete design.




Step 2 – Specify a Benchtop Join

Let’s look at the options for different joins first – remember with a Semble benchtop join both benchtops are CNC machined for a perfectly matching join… There are three common options for benchtops join AND you will find each of these available in the Step 3 of the Semble design box. The Mason Mitre is our most common and cost-effective option.


You will note in the Semble Design box that your tops will default to a Mason Mitre… we can change both the join type as well as the join orientation here… Changing the orientation may be required if we are looking to extend one top for a breakfast bar etc…

To access BENCHTOPS OPTIONS (as seen here) hold the CTRL key down and with the mouse select two adjacent benchtop sections.

With this new OPTIONS panel opened you can simply press a different join type or change the orientation from NORMAL to INVERSE.



Step 3 – Consider Overhangs

We have two types of overhangs to consider here when editing benchtops:

Cabinet ends:

At the end of a run of cabinets it is usual to extend the length of the top past the last cabinet or end panel.

The Semble overhangs will allow for a 16mm overhang – simply select the top and then press the arrow in the right direction – refer to the red boxes below.

Breakfast Bar:

in cases where a breakfast bar is required you can select the desired top and then extend out: in this case use the down arrow. This will change your Semble top from a 600mm deep single sided profile to a 900mm deep double sided profile – refer to the blue boxes below.

Know your Profiles:

600mm deep benchtop – with single profile – this is a standard benchtop and is used when fitting against a wall – thus the rear edge is left raw and cab be scribed & sealed to the wall.

900mm deep benchtop – with double profile – this is a breakfast bar benchtop and is used when an overhang is required on an island situation. Both front and rear edges are profiled for a finished look.

Step 4 – Choosing Colours

Selecting colours is simple – select any single benchtop section and then select the required benchtop colour.

*the selected colour will apply to all benchtops in the design.

If your’e looking for something a bit different then email us your ideas?

Step 5 – Check your Quote

One of the advantages of an itemized on-line quote is we can see the lengths and costs immediately – this allows us to review and change the design to suit both our budget and our space.

In this design here you can see the correct lengths have been allowed for automatically from the design. Look at the 900mm benchtop section and you can see from the length that the 2000mm of cabinets + Base End Panel (16mm) + Overhang (16mm) has resulted in a 2032mm total length.

Benchtop 6
*remember with Semble benchtops you only pay for the length you require – this means a very affordable benchtop option, including CNC machined joins is complimenting your design.


modern benchtop 2

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