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Designing with End Panels

fridge cabinet

In certain design situations we will want to use End Panels to complete our layout and provide both an aesthetic and structural ‘finish off’.

Each Flatpack carcass is assembled using a screw & dowel construction style: producing a very strong and accurate cabinet.

This results in the screws being visible from the cabinet sides (or gables)… and for cabinets sitting on the floor you will see the space under the cabinet behind the kickboard (refer note below on Dishwasher spaces).

In this Image: the Tall End Panel – usually used on Tall cabinets – is a perfect solution for the fridge overhead cabinet.

Step 1 – Complete the basic design

Design the layout for your kitchen cabinet online using our website. Deploy the snap feature to allow each cabinet to touch each other…. Then identify the places in your design where you can use End Panels to complete the design… In this design below we need a Base End Panel at the end of the floor cabinets and then a Tall End Panel on each side of the fridge overhead cabinet (see red boxes below):

Step 2 – Apply End Panels to suit

Select the first cabinet – in this case the 900 Floor 2-Drawer Hotplate Cabinet – and then click the ADD LEFT End Panel button under the Product Details section… (until the Button changes to green). You will then note the End Panel on the cabinet will then turn blue.

Step 3 – End Panels and cabinet popping!

In this case our fridge overhead cabinet requires two Tall End Panels to allow the cabinet to be correctly installed above the fridge space… Even though the cabinet is touching the other cabinets you can simply select the overhead cabinet and then select both LEFT and RIGHT End Panels…

In this situation, the cabinet will simply pop across to the right to make the available space required for the End panel (16mm).

Planning on a dishwasher space?

Using this dishwasher space only module will allow you to correctly size your design whilst allowing a common 610mm space (designed to suit most 600mm dishwasher units). Importantly, the use of this module in the Semble Kitchen Planner will ensure your benchtops are correctly designed and allowed for.

Remember, the kick plate only sits on the front of the cabinets – so the kick returns are not supplied – in this case the use of the End Panel means a saving in time and effort…

 dishwasher spec5jpgDW SPACE  dishwasher spec4jpg

It is important to note that without end panels used on either side of this space you will see an exposed underside of adjacent cabinets (refer image 1). While this will not bother some, best design practices would recommend the use of end panels to neaten this element and provide a degree of vermin proofing to the undersides of your kitchen (refer image 2).

Simply click on either adjacent cabinet or the dishwasher space and apply end panels to suit.







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