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Master Your DIY Kitchen Renovation with Flat Pack Products from Semble

Over time, it’s natural to want to update the space in which you are living. After all, not only do trends and tastes in home design change with time, but your needs do as well. Your family could be expecting an addition or perhaps you are starting to enjoy entertaining friends. These changes necessitate some adjustments to your living spaces. For example, you might expand your outdoor space for garden parties. What about your kitchen? It’s the engine behind your entertaining. It’s not just a place for you to cook up delicious food for your guests. It’s also a place to share a glass of wine or to gather and tell stories. If your current kitchen doesn’t suit your needs anymore, it’s time for a change.

If you’ve settled on a DIY kitchen renovation, you’ll need a trustworthy supplier of the materials you need. Semble is exactly what you need. With our simple to assemble DIY flatpack kitchens, you can outfit the entire room with all the storage you need. Fixtures are easy to drop in as well. Best of all, we take all the guesswork out of putting the kitchen together the way you want. With our unique Kitchen Planner, you can visualise your new entertaining space while you shop.

Why choose our DIY flatpack kitchens?

When you choose to make us a part of your kitchen renovation, we want to put in a flawless effort. From using our depth of industry experience to create long-lasting DIY flat pack kitchens to our unique online design tool, everything is about putting the power in your hands. It’s your space, and you should define it as you see fit.

With flatpack cabinets arriving direct from our factory to your door, you don’t just receive considerable savings. You also gain the ability to control your renovation on your own schedule. No need to wait for various tradespeople to come and set up the cabinets. Borrow a friend and spend the day assembling your new kitchen cabinets with our simple to follow instructions. The ease of use is another excellent reason to select our flatpack products.

Finally, we are a wholly Australian company making products to enrich Australian lives. Supporting us means supporting the domestic economy and local producers. We know our products will help you to transform your kitchen into the warm, inviting space you desire. That’s why we put so much effort into holding our products to high standards for our Australian customers.

Explore our immersive design tool and order now

These are just a few of the excellent reasons to choose Semble as your partner in kitchen renovations. From the versatility of our design system to the easy ordering system, it makes quick work of finding reliable DIY flat pack kitchens online. Assembly is also a breeze – our products include no extra holes in the cabinet pieces and no unnecessary hardware that confuses the assembly process. We do suggest you build your new kitchen with a friend, though — two sets of hands are better than one! Explore our full range of products right now and start designing your renovation in the Kitchen Planner today.

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