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Kitchen Designs for this year – styles and trends!

Here are the kitchen designs trends you will be seeing in this year for your kitchen designs. While many people are wary of following design trends when revamping their kitchen, the key is to only adopt the trends you truly love and that reflect your taste.

Colour Statement

Colour is the way to make kitchen designs truly unique. It is a simple and inexpensive way to add a pop of personality to your design. So the easiest way to create

So the easiest way to create design effect is to incorporate contrasting open shelves into your kitchen designs. It doesn’t have to bold to make a statement either.

You can use varying shades within your colour palette. Greys on grey, monochromatic or timber and white- the options are endless!


Handle Play

Less is more when it comes to kitchen designs. Mix and match your handles to create some intrigue in your space. The most popular way to do this is to use handles on your floor cupboards and go handle-less on your overheads.

This can be created with Semble’s extensive range of Blum Tip-On mechanisms for overhead cupboards. Find out more about the Blum Tip-On mechanism from their website.



Kitchen Designs with overheads

Varied Cupboard Heights

The trend coming out of Europe is height variance. As cabinetry is considered as furniture, the unbalanced look is making its way across our shores.

You can keep your straight lines, but height variation adds an element of depth to your design. Semble have created a range of standard and compact height overhead cupboards, so you have the option to bring the look into your home.


Image not by Semble – source unknown

DIY Kitchen Designs

There is nothing more satisfying than completing your very own renovation in your home. Doing it yourself can save money and offer you a hands-on way to empower your kitchen dreams. It is also a terrific way to gain new skills or knowledge.

If you are interested in Kitchen design than perhaps our Kitchen Designer course is for you? This free course is delivered by 12 weekly emails and will give you the basic tools & concepts to successfully plan your own kitchen renovation. We cover everything from project start to finish!



Why not try out the Semble Online Kitchen Planner and get your next project moving. From the comfort of your own home you can use your laptop to create a 3D visual of your dream kitchen.

With the confidence you have drawn to scale you will be able see an accurate budget giving you the peace of mind before spending a dollar.

Once you have a design saved, we would love to have one of our professional Kitchen Designers review it and offer both technical advice and general recommendations – simple contact us at sales@semble.com.au

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