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Not Sure What to do for Your Next Renovation Project? Look into DIY Kitchens Online with Semble

The first stages of planning for your next home renovation project are often the hardest. Which room should you focus on next? What vision do you have for that room? What is your target budget? Is that budget realistic for the improvements you want to make? How can you translate your vision into reality without adding the costs of a designer or architect to the budget? These are all questions that you need to ask during the planning stages of just about any renovation, and they can understandably trip some homeowners up along the way.

At Semble, one of our goals is to make it easier for our customers to answer all of those questions so that they can move on to the good stuff. We specialise in DIY kitchens, so if your thoughts for a new renovation project have shifted towards the kitchen, you might find a lot to gain from browsing through our site.

How the Semble System Works

Semble is unique among kitchen renovation companies in that we offer our customers the opportunity to go through the majority of the project planning phase online. Usually, if you were planning a kitchen renovation, you would speak with a designer, have that person visit your home for a consultation and commission drawings for the project. You would also go to a kitchens showroom to see cabinets, benchtops, fixtures and appliances on display and decide what matches your vision. Along the way, you would hopefully be tracking the expenses or potential expenses for each item, trying to adhere to a budgetary figure in your mind.

With Semble, we have changed the game in two ways. First, we’ve taken the kitchen renovation planning process and made it entirely DIY-friendly. Secondly, we’ve built a system where you can walk through all the steps described above—the design, the product shopping, etc.—online. Today, our DIY kitchen planner online system allows users to plot out their entire renovation without leaving their house.

DIY Kitchens, from Resources to Tools and Beyond

The core component of Semble is a 3D builder tool, which allows you to build and visualise a DIY kitchen from the ground up, right there on our website. However, this tool is just the beginning of what makes Semble unique. While you can leap right into the fray and start using the builder tool from the moment you first visit our website, you can also tap our wealth of resources to prepare yourself for the process. Our site is a wealth of industry tips, tricks and research—all geared towards homeowners ready to launch DIY kitchen projects. Whether you want to read up on some of the cabinet models we have in stock or find out about the hottest kitchen colours for 2016; our site has a resource you can use.

Don’t get tripped up by the early logistical phases of your next renovation project? Instead, come to Semble and start planning your DIY kitchen online! If you have a question that goes unanswered in our FAQs or guides, feel free to give us a call on 1300 851 221.

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