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Can a GREAT kitchen come from kitchen flat packs?

Make your kitchen Flat Packs look as fabulous as a custom made kitchen.

Kitchen Flat Packs have now been a popular option for many of us. More and more people are selecting pre-made kitchens over more expensive custom-made options. A FLAT PACK option can be significantly less expensive, so it’s no wonder that this industry is getting more attention. In fact, you can now achieve a stylish and modern kitchen with fittings & fixtures that are comparable to that of any custom made option.

It’s well known that our kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s where our family and friends come together to eat & socialise. Therefore, having a kitchen that you desire, enhances your home, and increases your investment is really important. The best part is, it can make a real difference to our lifestyle.

But is this achievable with a kitchen Flat Packs?

It certainly is! With a little know-how, a quality flat pack can be a great option. These days a kitchen must be comfortable & functional. Everything organised for easy access, yet nifty enough to hide all the day to day mess. Use the range of Flat Pack cabinets from Semble to choose the best combination and make the most of your layout. Make contemporary colour selections and achieve a modern style that fits with your house. It’s this flexibility that makes flat pack kitchens a great option for so many families.

Want to know more about Kitchen Styles?

Kitchen Flat Packs styles

There is a common misconception that the pre-manufactured or Flat Pack products are of less quality than a custom made option. Look for Australian made flatpack options, made with Australian board, and made with DIY assembly in mind.

We believe that Flatpack should have the same quality as any other custom made option. Using a state-of-the-art production centre, each cabinet is made to match your order. This means you can rely on your cabinets fitting together, being square, and strong once correctly assembled.

Tips on how to ensure your Flat Pack kitchen achieves that premium look.

While DIY is easy to learn, if a premium look is for you than find someone with experience in this area. Someone who knows the little tips and tricks. With good craftsmanship you can end up with a low cost, high quality, well-finished kitchen.

For a quality fit-off with kitchen Flat Packs, experience in installation experience is a must. Having the right tools & skill to precisely fit out can make the difference, especially if you have an unusual layout. An experienced installer will easily cut & scribe the assembled joinery to fit the space. Regardless of out-of-square walls or floors, you can achieve a custom look with a smart installation.

Finally, think of clever use of accessories and features to finish your design off and tick all the boxes. From a clever lighting plan, to a colour scheme that delivers the right character for your design, this will take any kitchen to the next level.

Flat Pack Kitchen lighting

Flat Pack Kitchen colour schemes

I can do it! (a Kitchen Flat Pack that looks amazing!)

It’s the DIY kitchen that many dream of – a stunning modern look achieved with little more than hard work, a drill and a good spirit level!

You can create your dream kitchen sooner than you think with flat pack kitchens. Get it fast, keep it affordable and reap all the rewards. Let’s face it we are all real people with busy lives, who want modern day living at an affordable price.


Stunning kitchen Flat Packs

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