How quickly can I have my Semble kitchen?

On average, residents living on the eastern seaboard of Australia can expect delivery of their kitchen within 7-10 working days with Adelaide (+48 Hrs) and Perth (+72hrs) requiring more time in transit. That will give you enough time to think about removal of your old kitchen and to arrange for other trades (electrician and plumber). We think that’s fast for custom designed DIY kitchens, made to order and shipped to your door.

* Please note: some custom products and colours may attract additional lead times and you will see this clearly displayed on your quote if applicable.

Speed is important: Once you have gone through our 3D kitchen planner and made the decision on your design, have the confidence that it will be delivered in a timely manner! Aligning the Semble state-of-the-art production line with a reputable national carrier who can guarantee us responsive delivery times across Australia means your custom flat pack kitchen project is on track with the click of a button.

As you finalise your design you will be able enter your delivery address and see a calculation of the freight to your door. Our delivery model is very unique in Australia for four very simple reasons:

1. The rate will surprise you – by leveraging a strategic alliance with Toll NQX we are able to offer each customer a very competitive rate around Australia.

2. The freight is calculated DIRECT to your door: you won’t need to factor in trailers, or larger vehicles as your order is actually delivered to your door across Australia.

3. Our cabinets are professionally packaged in individual boxes. Then your whole order is packaged in a single shipping carton – this means it can be handled by forklifts on its journey to you – but can be simply unpacked by you down into individual boxes once arriving at your door meaning no expensive or complicated unloading equipment is required.

4. Shipping is immediate and is prioritised to your door meaning you don’t have to wait weeks whilst your order is in transit. With the confidence to track your consignment online, you can plan your installation down to the exact day.

You will also see that our Electrical appliances include delivery to your door. The appliances come straight from our national supply arrangements and will come packaged separately to your kitchen. Typically, the appliances will arrive a couple of days after your kitchen cabinets, and we find that this suits most customers as they have been happy playing with the DIY kitchen cabinets…

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