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Kitchen Designs for Functionality

Now more than ever, the kitchen is the central hub of your home. Not just a place for you to prepare meals- kitchens are being used as somewhere to eat, connect with family and for casual entertaining. With this in mind, kitchen designs need to be highly functional to suit today’s requirements. With product endorsement on social media and designer apps available at our fingertips, it is easy to get caught up in how the kitchen will look. It is important not to forget about function!

A well designed kitchen should be a perfect mix between function and form.


Kitchen Designs to Suit your Space

The following kitchen designs are universal layouts which will suit most houses. These layouts can be typically used for kitchen designs, however they can be modified and tweaked to meet your individual needs.


Galley KitchenGalley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is possibly the most efficient of all designs when it comes to cooking. This layout takes its name from the galley of an airplane or ship where these kitchens make use of small spaces to feed hundreds of people. Many commercial kitchens have developed the same layout due to efficiency.

The galley can be placed against two walls, or alternatively against one wall and have an open island on the opposite side. Islands within the kitchen promote an open space and cohesion with the rest of the home. It provides a space for some casual entertaining as the person working in the kitchen is able to converse with guests in the same space.




U Shape KitchenU-shape Kitchen

The U-shape design is an efficient layout for one primary cook. It is usually wider than a galley kitchen and closed off at one end. You can effectively achieve work triangles using this layout as there are small distances between work zones. The kitchen remains open to other rooms but keeps guests out of the main work space. U-shape kitchens have two corners, posing difficulty in placing appliances if the space is narrow. This layout generally has plenty of bench space.





L-shape Kitchen

L Shape Kitchen

Due to the acceptance of open plan living, L-shape kitchen designs have become increasingly popular. Layouts have cabinetry on two adjacent perpendicular walls. Depending on your size, you can incorporate an island or table within the space. L-shape kitchens are great for multiple cooks and the openness invites guests into the room.




Kitchen Designs to Suit your Lifestyle

Kitchen Designs Study Nook

Incorporate a study nook into your kitchen!


The way you use your kitchen is evolving and lifestyle plays a huge role in design. Reflect on how you use/want to use your space to determine what is required within the space. Casual dining for mid-week meals, a study nook for the kids or a bar area for Saturday nights with friends, these are all aspects to consider with kitchen designs. Although layouts may be pre-determined, you can add your personal touch by considering your kitchen usage in the design process.

Dynamic Space by Blum is an incredibly powerful planning tool used by designers to ensure your kitchen meets your living environment. Dynamic space divides the kitchen into five zones according to tasks. It aims to shorten distances, provide adequate storage and improve ergonomics. Check out their website for more information




online-kitchen-planner-kitchen-designer-1Why not try out the Semble Online Kitchen Planner and get your next project moving. From the comfort of your own home you can use your laptop to create a 3D visual of your dream kitchen.

With the confidence you have drawn to scale you will be able see an accurate budget giving you the peace of mind before spending a dollar.

Once you have a design saved, we would love to have one of our professional Kitchen Designers review it and offer both technical advice and general recommendations – simple contact us at sales@semble.com.au

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