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Meet a real Kitchen Designer!

Full Lisa shot We sat down and asked one of our resident kitchen designers what makes her tick…


Meet Lisa, an accomplished designer who is practiced in wide range of renovations and new kitchens. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to design kitchens every day for a living then read on:

How do you describe your role as a kitchen designer?

A kitchen designer is someone who can create a living space that is both practical/functional and aesthetically pleasing. Kitchen design needs to be focused around the client’s wants and needs and it is my job to listen to those needs and incorporate them into their kitchen design. This is the most exciting part of any new project.


What do you enjoy about designing kitchens for a living?

That every day is different. No two kitchen designs are the same whether it be a change in footprint, major re-design, extension, or a colour makeover; you get to really have fun playing with form and function. I love keeping up with new trends and new products and seeing our clients accepting them into their new designs.


How’d did you become a kitchen designer?

I have always been interested in design and fashion and after school was drawn into studying Interior Design in College and carried this passion through to completed Honours in Interior Design. After a range of jobs and experiences in and around this space, I fell on my feet with Kitchen Designing and love the balance between creativity and technical mastery of design and products..

What is your best accomplishment as a designer?kitchen-planner-online

I have had the opportunity to have several of my designs commissioned in display houses for others to see and be inspired by. This is where I feel like I really get the chance to have free reign on the design and are asked to try out design elements that I normally don’t have the scope to do every day.

There is no better feeling than watching a local builder winning awards for these display homes knowing my kitchen design played a part in getting that award.

Where do you go for inspiration or just modern design ideas?

I am a big fan of Pinterest. If I am ever stuck and need inspiration that is definitely first on my list. I also go on Tumblr and follow a variety of designers I look up to and see what new modern ideas they come up with and what’s trending throughout World. Of course we all use www.houzz.com right?

What are your greatest tips for anyone thinking about a new kitchen?

Don’t fall into the trap of form over function. Having a kitchen that looks nice is important but it definitely needs to be practical. Think about the activities you do every day when you are in the kitchen, do you have small children to consider? Is ageing in place something you need to think about?

All things to consider when planning a new kitchen. When it comes to finishes have a look what is out there in the market you might be surprised by what you find that is functional, affordable and still stunning to look at.

What are some of the common design problems you see every day?

deisgn shotThis is really unique to each individual client. For example a client with young children may want their appliances such as oven and microwave higher up to avoid any hazards and to make it harder for the children to reach. Where as someone who does a lot of baking may require a lot of bench space and storage so this needs to be incorporated into the design.

When designing a kitchen to avoid day to day problems I need to know how the client works in the space, how often and what currently isn’t working in their current kitchen. No design is wrong if it suits the needs and activities of the person using it.

Are there any design elements or materials you particularly like to utilise in your designs?

I am a big fan of anything “Blum”. Start with a smooth rolling, metal sided drawer that can be used throughout your design for maximum storage. I am constantly amazed Blum-Dynamic-Space-01how drawers can assist any design to utilise all of the space giving you more storage. It makes things a lot easier to keep things organised and looks a lot more modern.

Recently I have also taken to using Polytec Riven finish products, I believe that adding that bit of texture to a design really makes a difference and the best part is that it is decently priced

What is your favorite kitchen style?

I like a bit more of a traditional look and the transitional style has been really catching my eye. I like a kitchen to still look like a kitchen; I like big handles and profiled style doors however still incorporating modern hardware into the kitchen like soft close action on drawers. Multiple bench heights and lighting are still the go-to trick for ‘upsizing’ any design.

What your picks for hot colours through 2016?

The hot colour of 2016 seem to be coming from the industrial look kitchen. So you have the grey tones, white gloss, dark benchtops, concrete look, black sinks, handless and looking at Eurcocuchina 2016 this trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

If your interested in more information on Kitchen styles you might like this article on contemporary Australian styles.

Style am I.

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