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Design your Custom Modular Kitchens Online

Modular kitchens online do not have to be the same as your neighbour’s. The term modular is defined as ‘a self-contained unit or item, kitchen cabinet, that can be combined or interchanged with others like it to create different shapes or designs’.

Here at Semble we have created a range of products that allow you to customise your kitchen to your lifestyle. While also producing stunning designs at the same time.

Good design is about solving problems in creative, intelligent ways. Poor “design” often creates more problems that can spoil your enjoyment of your new kitchen for years to come. By focusing on the tasks and activities you need to accomplish in your space, a strong design will naturally emerge.

Be smart with your Space

modular kitchens onlineThe kitchen is the heart of your home; where families cook, entertain, and relax. How can you make the most of the available space in your kitchen? Consider using wider cabinets with good quality drawers to store non-consumable items like plates, plastic containers, mixing bowls and strainers.

Think about adding accessible overhead storage options through the use of Lift-up fronts. Check your design remains balanced by considering handle-less fronts (using TIPON technologies) to achieve a seamless integration of storage into your design.

Above all else, take the time in the design stage to consider every option, every angle, every combination to give you a great looking but totally useful space!

 What’s New in Modular Kitchens Online:

modular kitchens onlineAventos cabinets using Lift-up fronts from Blum are a perfect way to modernise your overhead storage. Long skinny cabinets are increasingly popular for their contemporary look and also offer practical functional use every day!

The lift-up mechanism provides immediate access to high cabinets without a door swinging into your face. This is particularly useful on wider cabinets where doors naturally swing further into your standing space.

Combine these products with TIP-ON technologies and you have an instant handle-less stay lift. Available in matching sizes to the compact Aventos cabinets, you can mix and match with a range of coloured open shelving units. This will allow a consistent design theme to run through you kitchen but still allow a variety of storage and functions to be included.

Check out the Blum website for more information on the lift-up mechanism.


Open Shelving:

Modular Kitchens Online

Make a statement with your open shelf unitYou can use open shelving as practical storage solutions, not just to display precious items. They can make a kitchen feel lived in and warm, whilst maintaining function.


The current trend is to combine open shelves with normal cabinets to create a visually appealing yet practical design.

Allowing a visual storage place for commonly used items or appliances can give any design a powerful sense of purpose and practicality. Consider where you will place these so they work harmoniously with your task centres.

Design your open shelf in a different colour to your other units to really create a pop in your design! Furthermore, why stop at the kitchen? There are multiple uses for this new range of overhead units.

Other Uses for Compact Cupboards:modular kitchens online

Most importantly, modular kitchens online are not the only joinery you can design for your home. Hence slimline cabinets are not just for your kitchen. As a result of their function, they can be used in laundry areas, study nooks, bathrooms and living rooms.

Because you can mix and match with standard height overheads, you can create funky, usable spaces. Handle-less opening is popular in modern furniture, and you can create that look using the Aventos cabinets with Tip-on opening hardware.



modular kitchens onlineWhy not try out the Semble Online Kitchen Planner and get your next project moving. From the comfort of your own home you can use your laptop to create a 3D visual of your modular kitchens online.

With the confidence you have drawn to scale you will be able see an accurate budget giving you the peace of mind before spending a dollar.

Once you have a design saved, we would love to have one of our professional Kitchen Designers review it and offer both technical advice and general recommendations – simple contact us at sales@semble.com.au

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