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Navigating My Orders – Kitchen Design made easy!

Creating a user profile in Semble is a great way to create and save different designs of your Kitchen designs online. Be able to design your kitchen flat pack and quote online means you can instantly see the effect of design changes on colour & budget. By saving competing designs you can keep a base design while exploring with other solutions for solving different design scenarios.

Once you have saved your designs, you can easily come back and review, edit or just check over the details….


Step 1 – Log into MY DESIGN

From the Semble home page you can click on login  – Can’t remember your password, then simply press and follow the prompts.

This summary page shows any designs you have saved… Press on MY ORDERS to return at any time…


Step 2 – Review Options

When you need to come back and review your kitchen design, there are a number of design and review options available under MY ORDERS….

Your design does not include delivery direct to your door around Australia – simply EDIT your design to include a delivery address.


Press Edit from any screen to go back Step 1 (Colours) and review all details…



Access this option to see your kitchen design in 3D



Press Details to review inclusions, accessories, colours or update delivery address



Checkout the custom  built instruction manual for your project



Ready to Order – use the National Australia Bank secure payment facility




icon6Don’t need a design anymore? Say goodbye!



icon 7

Any great kitchen design will evolve through different versions – so don’t settle on your first option. Create a new design and try something a bit different?


Step 3 – Check Freight

Don’t forget Semble delivers to your doorstep around Australia!

If you see this symbol against your saved design then you are simply missing a delivery address! Go into the of the saved design and scroll down until you see EDIT DELIVERY ADDRESS…



Enter your address being sure to select from the predictive search options that appear…. then press UPDATE FREIGHT to finalise your design.

You will note the freight price is based on your weight and final postcode so changes to both design and delivery location will cause this to be updated.

Show me more Design Tips?

Ok. so I think I am ready to start my next kitchen design! What if I need more help?

You will find some handy resources here:   or you are welcome to contact us any time?






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