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Not sure what that term means?

Passion, enthusiasm and determination are the hallmarks of any successful renovation project right?

But being able to talk the talk will help you go a long way in understanding what you are doing – here are some common terms which my be useful….

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This is the extremely hard ‘paper and resin’ material which (usually 0.8mm thick) provides the top surface of your benchtop. It is also the same product which is glued onto different substrates throughout your kitchen but in this instance the term ‘laminate’ usually refers to benchtop finishes and colours. Note, be careful swinging tools or storing equipment on your news tops – whilst the laminate is hard it will still scratch if your are not careful.

Blum Hardware:

You may have heard people refer to this – Blum is synonymous with the highest quality of kitchen hardware and is a European brand? This family owned company offer a lifetime warranty with hardware and we wouldn’t be associated with anyone else. Oh Yeah – it is also simple to adjust and has a beautiful running motion throughout the range.


The Carcass is the ‘box’ which forms the cabinet. In Australia this is typically made out of 16mm thick White HMR PB (High Moisture Resistance particle board) and this board is then edged with a white PVC edge typically 1.0mm thick.

Coloured board:

Also known as Decorative board: usually refers to 16mm thick board which is used for coloured doors, panels, drawer fronts etc. In Australia, this board can be readily found on both HMR PB substrates as well MR MDF (Moisture Resistance Medium Density Fibre board).

 Gable end:

Often, professional designers will finish the run of cabinets with a coloured panel placed on the end which covers the white carcass which can otherwise be seen on the last cabinet. Depending on the look you after this may be highly desired or simply excess cost you do not require. Each design will be different. May be also known as plank on Gables.

 Kick board:

Typically kitchen cabinets are sat off the floor by approximately 150mm or so. This ensures a degree of clearance in a room which can often have wet floors. To cover the feet of each cabinet, and to ensure a space which is vermin proof and dirt proof, a long board known as a kickboard is used to cover this space and will run along the length of floor cabinets.


Once your kitchen is installed, it will need to be finished off. That is you will seal the joints between surfaces (for e.g. your benchtop and the splashback) to ensure that both moisture is prevented from entering the join as well as providing a neat and professional ‘finish’ to the job.

SHEEN Finish board:

Sheen is a range of contemporary gloss coloured board from Polytec which can be used for doors, panels, and drawer fronts and provides a gloss finish to your kitchen…This very popular product is well priced for its standard of finish and you will find a selection of the more popular colours in the Semble Style library. If you are looking for something with a higher gloss level than try our Thermo-laminated doors which are available in a high gloss finish.


In Australia, the space on the wall between the benchtop and the overhead cabinets is known as the splashback and in contemporary design can be covered with a full range of materials from tiles, through to glass, stainless steel or other hardy materials.


Being ‘plumb’ refers to something being exactly vertical and therefore accurate. This will be important as you install your cabinets in a room which more than not will have variances in surfaces. In a kitchen renovation, there is no greater compliment from one human to another than to say your kitchen is “plumb on”

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We are always looking for opportunities to share our passion with others – if there is something else you are looking for when planning your next project don’t hesitate to get in contact with us?

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