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How much can I save on a Flat Pack Kitchen?

A well planned kitchen will be a pleasure to live in!

Are you dreaming of a new clean kitchen? Something from a magazine? Are you worried about the cost of renovating? Well it’s possible to save literally thousands of dollars on your next project and still end up with a modern high-quality kitchen renovation with those very same kitchen styles by using a Flat Pack Kitchen.

Perfect for homeowners, DIYers and investment property owners, Flatpack kitchens are the perfect mix of quality, style and value for money. But what makes flatpack kitchens so great and why should you purchase one?

So Why Not?

Home renovators usually shy away from Flatpacks for the wrong reasons – poor construction, limited design options, and lessor quality materials are the most common complaints. But flat pack kitchens have come a long way. They now offer more options for customisation, so you can choose from an exciting range of door styles, colours and finishes, hardware options and various cabinet options.

The key in terms of quality and durability is the use of quality materials and hardware combined with a solid construction style (we recommend screw and dowel construction). This can be easily established during the research phase with some simple questions.

Hint: ask for the warranty details as higher quality options are always backed by strong warranty T’s & C’s.

Where is the saving?

A big cost in any home renovation project is the labour costs. With a kitchen, this typically means spending your money in design construction, delivery and installation of kitchen components. You can easily put these costs back into your pocket by buying a quality Australian made flat pack kitchen and getting as involved as you can. By being project manager, designer, and general roust-a-bout, you remove as many of these labour costs as you can.

Don’t forget, some costs are unavoidable so be sure to budget for these. For example; as you progress through the installation you will need to hire a plumber and electrician, but you will have saved hundreds of dollars in labour costs. Even if you need help with the installation, a local handyman will be able to help you, but their cost will be far less than the cost of a team of kitchen installers. 

Can I really install a Flat Pack Kitchen?

The biggest differences between flat pack kitchens and custom kitchens typically become noticeable after the cabinets are assembled. If you’re handy or if you have a relatively simple design, you can install a flat pack kitchen yourself, but there can be more involved than you might think? Once the  cabinets are assembled and fitted off, you still have to:

Install the benchtop. Unless you have outsourced for stone. Again, depending on layout this can be relatively straightforward. Look to quality Flat Pack suppliers who provide benchtop joins machined for you (like Semble).

Install the sink and hook up the plumbing. Plumbing can only be done by a licensed plumber, so you’ll need some help with this.

Connect electrical or gas services. Again, you’ll need licensed tradesman to help you. This is not the place to make savings!

Your design will need to be completed by either  tiles or splashbacks.

Don’t let these important details put you off. Flat pack kitchens can still save you significant money. Regardless of the degree of professional assistance you need for your project; a flat pack kitchen still offers substantial savings, so why not have a go to the level of your expertise?

What about Semble Flat Pack Kitchens?

Semble kitchen cabinets are made with exactly the same production equipment as any Australian custom kitchen supplier. In fact, Semble cabinets are produced off a modern production line (in Australia) which ensures a level of quality matched by very few cabinet makers in Australia – and this efficient production line is the very reason we can provide you the cheap flat pack kitchen of your dreams.

You will find it very difficult to match our prices for any equivalent product line in Australia.

Don’t forget we deliver to your door (around Australia) at freight rates that will surprise you… check out the rates after you have designed your layout and finalised selections…

With almost 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing award winning custom built kitchens, we have turned our experience into designing an innovative system for flat pack kitchens. A system that is easy and accurate to assemble, while still producing a smart and high quality cabinet in your home.

Features from solid (Australian-made) 16mm particle board, through to the use of quality Blum hardware designed for flat pack assembly at home, we’ve done our homework on the Semble range to ensure that every component, in every cabinet, in every kitchen is designed to work together for you.

Most of these features are standard across the range, like making adjustable shelves standard (with a few specialty cabinet exceptions), and this allows you the freedom of mind to focus on producing one of the best flat pack kitchen designs without sweating all of the small details.

But there can be more?

You may find that by driving this whole renovation process, designing & purchasing a flat pack kitchen and choosing more economical options for benchtops and hardware; that you have saved so much money, you can afford some of those new kitchen appliances you’ve been wanting. Just be sure to plan these into your kitchen design from the start so we still achieve a functional layout that all of us will enjoy using.

You don’t want to buy a oven after you have installed your kitchen, only to discover it doesn’t fit in the space provided for it; or worse, find that the dishwasher door hits the island cabinets or an adjacent cabinet when fully opened!

Just make sure everything is considered in your layout and budget in your kitchen design before you get to work and you’ll be right.

What are you waiting for?

Flatpack kitchens are the perfect choice for home homeowners, DIYers and investment property owners. If you are driven and passionate about a new kitchen and saving money in the process than you have what it takes to start your next project!

Choose quality but affordable products that are fit for purpose and roll up your sleeves and get involved in every step. Just remember to understand your own limitations to avoid making costly mistakes and always use licensed tradesman wherever required.

There has never been such a large and wide choice of Flat pack kitchen options available so take your time in the research and design stage and you will set up your project for a huge win.  You can definely end up with a showroom look on a strict budget with some common-sense planning and sensible design choices.

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