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Laundry Design – are you looking for smart design ideas?

Are you looking for smart laundry design ideas? A smart laundry design will pay you back time and time again! A well laid out Laundry seldom receives the attention it deserves, yet it can really help simplify your household chores. From keeping drying clothes out of the way, store cleaning products; to even providing a spot for you to groom your pets.


It has been said before – “If the kitchen is the heart of every home then the laundry is certainly the engine room!” HomestoLove.com.au


Smart Laundry Design & Ideas

Modern and Clean Laundry

A smart laundry renovation can save your family time & effort. Many renovators consider this a valuable investment. Just like the working triangle in kitchen design, a smart laundry design should also consider work zones. Think about what you will use the laundry for? This means considering how much laundry storage, the position of appliances, including accessible storage (laundry baskets and hampers), give attention to ironing and folding with comfortable arm room.

A combination of storage solutions is key to a smart laundry design. Include open shelf units above or beside the washing machine to store your easy to access washing & cleaning products; and laundry storage bins for dirty clothes (see below).

An Ironboard rack in your pantry to mount the ironing board directly to the wall or on the back of a door will be a great space saver. If room allows, a retractable clothesline is a great addition to hanging up your delicates or for short term help when it’s raining.

Interested in reading more into kitchen triangles and how this applies to smart laundry design?

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Laundry Design & Colour schemes

Compact Laundry designA modern laundry design can be appealing & attractive and make a huge difference to your back-of-house feel. Even the plain white & clean utility rooms of 5 years ago are fading in popularity – we now see clever renovators considering how complementary colours & textures, with accessories & appliances integrated into the overall house décor.

Start with considering how much natural light is available (the more the better) and work a scheme around this (light warm timber tones contrasted with white stone textures). If you lacking natural light then focus on darker earthy tones with ample task lighting available. While maximising laundry storage is, of course, important, having a warm and inviting space is equally important.

Of course, where budget allows, you may like to continue the style of your kitchen through to the laundry room, particularly of located in close vicinity to each other.

But I don’t have room!

Smart Bi-Fold doors


Perhaps your washing machine is stuck in the back of your garage? Well, you don’t need an entire room for your laundry. A closet laundry may be the smart laundry design option for you.


If you can find 2.0 to 3.0 metres of wall space then this maybe more than sufficient, and easy to hide. You will be surprised how much you can hide behind a set of bi-fold doors… and how smart this look can be!

Or try this neat compact Semble package – offering the best of both semi-closed off appliances and utilities and a warm inviting ‘work’ bench for getting those chores out of the way!

This package requires a 2.5metre wall


Talk to us about these bi-fold doors to include in your next package.

Show me more of Jon’s Black & White Laundry Design!

Ticking all the boxes, this modern and contemporary laundry maximises the available space & provides

Read more ...

Click on each image to open up…


Smart Laundry Design Storage Options

So you’re looking for smart and nifty laundry storage options? Remember, being smart with your laundry design means planning a layout that is functional, well-equipped, and well-organised. These two storage options are worth a second look… 


Tilt-out Laundry Basket

Tilt-out Laundry Basket

This Italian-made Tilt-out Laundry basket is one of our favourite storage options for both its simplicity and usefulness in any laundry.

With its 60 litre capacity, the unit will suit most families and with only a 400mm wide cabinet this will fit into any compact laundry design.

And not just the Laundry, it doesn’t take much imagination to see that this would be equally useful in many bedrooms, wardrobes or bathrooms.


Tilt Out Storage

Linea Laundry Bin

Pull-out Laundry Basket

This pull-out laundry drawer system is equally effective for providing easy to use storage in your laundry. Designed for under-top installation, it is possible to retro fit this into existing laundry spaces (minimum door width of 500mm).

With a 60 litres capacity, it will again suit most families and with full-extension slides, access is quite simple.



Pull Out Storage

What will your next project be?

Did you know that the Laundry is often the first room that renovator’s tackle? This is a great opportunity to practise your renovating skills and even to try out a new style before committing to other rooms in the house!

Any multi-purpose rooms can help solve other space issues around the home. From helping with pet cleaning / care, through to storage of sports equipment or gardening tools, a smart laundry design is the room to plan in advance so everything has its own space / zone. Ultimately, an attractive & well though out laundry design will keep inviting you back day after day to keep your busy home on the go…


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