Sustainability important? Find out more about Semble cabinets.

Have you considered sustainability on your next project?

All savvy renovators are concerned about sustainability & the quality of the raw material which is used in any product they are considering. Semble prides ourselves on being an Australian owned manufacturer and we actively align ourselves with suppliers who are ethically and environmentally conscious in their sustainability practices.

All of our product is sustainably made from either Laminex or Polytec supplied board & laminate -both of these businesses are Australian made and their products meet or exceed Australian Standards. The Cabinet carcasses are made from E1 High Moisture Resistance (HMR) Particleboard (PB) and our coloured board is E0 Moisture Resistance (MR) Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Both products are manufactured for and suitable for use in wet areas like Kitchens and Laundries. As part of our focus on environmental sustainability and eco-friendly products, we actively manage our waste processes.

Each Semble cabinet is pre-machined and cut to be ready for assembly. The assembly process is based on screw & dowell construction. This is a very strong method of assembly and allows a simple process to assemble and screw off. One consequence of this construction style is that the white carcass sides remain have visible screw holes. For this reason, any design is completed with the use of End Panels.

Have a look at some of our standout features on offer at Semble.

  • 100% design and order online
  • live accurate online quoting
  • manufactured in Australia (all Blum & Polytec offer) with sustainability in mind
  • All components are individually boxed and cut to size
  • simple and easy assembly with adjustable feet and solid backs
  • fast delivery Australia wide (average 7-10 daysto every state and territory)
  • delivered direct to your door (or your customer’s door)

For further information, try the Semble Technical Manual or visit Laminex and Polytec.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific concerns about environmental sustainability and eco-friendly products in general.



Laminex Sustainability

Polytec Sustainability

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