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Case study: Sydney Flat Pack Kitchen Renovation

Where do we start?

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When Cliff, an ex-roofer, and Jules, a part-time office desk-jockey purchased a Renovator’s delight they found themselves strangely in their own version of the Block. Cue: Sydney Flat Pack Kitchen renovation! With Cliff’s passion for transforming the old & tired into shiny & new this “investment property” presented a wonderful opportunity.

They could make all the mess they liked and not have to worry about cleaning it up at the end of each day because “we’re not living there. Wonderful!”

This whole-house renovation demanded their fullest attention and after lots of planning and number crunching, they immediately identified the kitchen as a high priority.

Why Semble?

After looking around at several different Sydney Kitchen companies they were impressed with the quality of the Semble product range. The ease of using the online kitchen planner to design their own kitchen immediately appealed to Jules who describes herself as the labourer/project manager/site cleaner/tea maker. “I was able to plan and budget the kitchen reno without leaving home at night”


With a huge choice of colours, profiles and finishes, the Semble website proved to be very handy and allowed them to play around with different configurations quickly and easily.

But after several quotes for different designs from a variety of competitors, none of them seemed to fit this Sydney Flat Pack Kitchen as well as the Semble design. Nor did the design meet Semble for a comparable price.

Using the Semble online kitchen planner as a template for each of the other companies to quote from, they asked them to match it like for like for their product. But there always seemed to be “something that didn’t quite stack up…” After a lot of leg and computer work, Semble was the clear winner on design and price.

Finally our Sydney Flat Pack Kitchen is here!

Assembly & installation were a 2 part process. With Jules as the nominated “Carcass Queen” she started assembling all eleven carcasses in the lounge area. Cliff proceeded to prepare the kitchen for installation. With the help of her two sons and the easy to follow instructions, Jules got half the carcasses built in about 3 hours one Saturday morning. They then completed the remaining 5 cabinets on her own the following Monday.

sydney-flat pack-after-2

“We’re great believers in “measure 3 times, cut once”. Cliff carefully marked out each cabinet’s position on the floor and walls ready for installation. Then it was a simple matter for Cliff and Jules to place the base units into their marked positions. Cliff then levelled everything up to the correct height ready for the workbenches to go on. With me having to go back to work, Cliff installed the rest of the kitchen on his own once the bases were in.

The pre-cut workbenches fitted like a glove, which made his life so much easier. The whole process went very smoothly and looks fabulous now it’s finished.

The house is now back on the market for sale, so if you know anyone who might be interested in buying a completely newly renovated house with nothing to do but move in and enjoy it, please let us know!

sydney-flat pack-kitchen-before-and-after

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