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Upgrade your Rental Property Kitchen?

Are you looking to renovate your rental property? Often with tenants vacating, owners will look to make necessary house improvements. These may be near impossible while tenants are in the home. For each day your rental property is vacant, you are losing potential rental income. So planning an efficient and well-sequenced changeover is critical.

Upgrade the Kitchen

There may be several aesthetic changes that can be considered from painting, blinds, flooring etc. However, there’s a reason why kitchens are one of the most popular rental property projects. A smart fresh kitchen can give a smart return on your investment when re-leasing and attracting stable tenants.

Two obvious rules to note when upgrading your Rental Property:

Rule 1: Don’t renovate your property kitchen as if you are living in it – it is and should be an investment decision.

Rule 2: Your kitchen design should be fit for purpose – choose materials and finishes that are hard wearing and neutral taste for widest appeal.

The Before Shot! Does your Rental Property need a makeover?

If your kitchen is old and tired then start by considering the budget you might need for a kitchen renovation. Don’t forget to consider additional trades and associated costs so you have a realistic outlook and timeline for the overall project. If you can commence planning 1-2 months out from your existing tenants leaving than you will have the best opportunity to minimise any vacancy. Your property manager may also be able to attract interest when advertising a new kitchen.

To minimise the time before tenants can move back into your rental property, look for suppliers that can work to agreed deadlines and allow you to sequence tight timeframes. Another smart tip is design some tolerance and simplicity into your design.

This is a simple idea that simply means keeping the design simple to avoid costly issues BUT note: this doesn’t mean your design has to be plain?

Project Sequencing?

If you really want to maximise the whole process you will be looking to ‘turn’ the property as fast as possible and minimise the time that your property is vacant. You will need to plan ahead and think about trade sequencing to achieve the smoothest result. There are a couple of simple strategies to assist in this:

Plan your Rental Property renovation in advance

  1. Start your concept planning 6 months out and focus on achieving a realistic design which reflects the overall assest value and style of home – the main goal at this stage is to get quotes and check that your overall budget fits the investment. This may be a good time to get some tax advice relating to your planned improvements
  2. Focus on simplicity – when time is crunched, minimise areas of risk and complexity with a simplified plan.
  3. Look for suppliers who can deliver products and services in a reliable and guaranteed time frame. Start your detailed planning 3-4 months out and understand any potential lead times which may require early decisions to be made. Having a Semble kitchen delivered direct to site within 14 days will be a huge advantage.
  4. Talk to your tradesman and ensure they have a reliable response time and can assist in problem solving. Discuss any potential areas of complexity or unknown which can cause delays and ask for their advice on controlling delays. If nothing else, you will achieve more ‘buy in’ by these tradesman in achieving your renovation goals.


Simple Design Tips!

Sounds easy! Focus on maximising your layout and aesthetics for maximum impact and minimal budget…If you think its time to take the plunge but need more information? Try these simple design tips to get you moving. You’ll also find plenty more information on our site with regard to designing a Semble kitchen.

Filler Panels

What Does a Kitchen Cost?

Kitchen Door styles?

Try this before and after transformation?

If you didn’t previously associate rental properties with warm inviting kitchen spaces, you will now, because this dramatic new kitchen renovation in this rental property is as stylish as it comes. If you are looking to achieve a positive result in realising a property this is the drawcard you are after!

This recent renovation is a great example of a well thought out and executed renovation. A practical design and well-coordinated installation ensured this rental property was back on the market in no time.


What we really like in this rental property, is the neutral palette. The use of polytec’s Sheen finish with its smooth shiny melamine surface and a medium level of gloss throws light around and is very effective at making this room look both roomy and attractive.


Polytec SHEEN

Having a clean well-presented kitchen will make your rental property all the more attractive to future tenants, giving you every opportunity to seek the best possible weekly rent.

Need design help?

If you are looking for a hand with your next project we would love to be involved. Please email us at sales@semble.com.au. Alternatively, use our online Kitchen Planner and get your project off to an instant start. By creating a design you can immediately see a quote and start gathering a budget together!

We are also very happy to offer advice on any project or design. If you want some inside tips on smart design for your rental property.


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