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What style is your kitchen?

While often kitchen styles are defined by culture, regional climates, and other external factors, there are a number of enduring styles which we see consistently appear on the Australian scene…

Have a read through our top 5 kitchen styles and let us know what style you are?

Scandinavian Styling

Scandinavian style can also be described as “white & light” and has been a big trend over the last few years and with a few modern twists continues to be very popular. This design movement is really characterised by simplicity and functionality connected together…  a clean looking kitchen that is a pleasure to use.

Scando 3 Scano 2 Scano 1

Think stylish simplicity; think quality, soft but enduring timber features with clean lines typically surrounded with lighter tones. This design breathes a timeless style that can be difficult to pin down but you will always see simplicity in these designs that readily encourage use of the kitchen for everyday living and family activities.

While it is okay to introduce some simple hints of colour, your design preference is towards introducing warm and textural elements that make subtle emphasis of the overall design. This style, if executed well, can be a very trendy and popular kitchen perfect for any modern house.

Polytec’s range of panelled vinyl doors are the perfect companion for a Scandinavian design element – consider the use of Solid Ashgrain – with a minimal profile flat panel door (Brussells) providing a subtle point of difference.

Natural and Neutral Style

While colour can brighten a room, Natural and Neutral doesn’t have to mean dull. A clever neutral design can be easily adapted to any style from traditional to country to contemporary. This is a clever approach if you have key decorations (artwork or special collections ) which can be framed against a pleasing backdrop.

Finally, a neutral colour scheme can visually enlarge a space so can be an important tool in the investor’s toolkit… Think earthy tones, natural elements and introduce the ‘outdoors’ for that connected relaxed ambience. Layer neutrals for a clean and monochromatic, yet still warm, effect and lean on some of the great new options in textured laminates for a subtle design statement that fits right in…


Nuettral 1  Nuettral 2

A new wave of beautiful warm timber laminates means this look is affordable and durable and like nothing you have seen before – see how this Riga Salt – a modern timberprint laminate with a subtle textured feel looks to you? Or are you bold enough to use the Cocoa Spruce as a large earthy feature – great in a large open plan where traffic paths may not be as well defined?

Modern Kitchens

Ask anyone what is modern and you will receive a different answer… Think about sleek contemporary design ideas and innovative use of colours / textures – typically the opposite of traditional. Still confused?

This style can be characterised by clean lines (think push to open doors), sleek or integrated appliances and hardware, lack of singular decorative objects (like vases, bowls, strong artwork) and strong lineal elements to join sections – like a large glass splashback to connect base and overhead cabinets or a large gloss benchtop island to anchor the visual space.

 modern-2  Modern1

Not to be confused with a Natural and Neutral style kitchen, the Modern style really leans on ‘whites and lights’ as the underpinining design element and so use of lighting is an important consideration. Natural bright light will make this style stand proud as will the use of effective ambient lighting for use at night… Clever use of subtle colour changes can really lend a contemporary feel to this design.

Contemporary Kitchens

Something bold, striking, yet soothing. Take strength from this confident style if you dare?

Contemporary kitchens are best thought of as clean, simple and uncluttered… Whereas a strictly modern kitchen style is designed around structure & grid, a contemporary kitchen is often more playful in form and finishes, including bolder elements of other styles and creating its own statement of the space and owner.

contempo1 23jpg  contempo1 2  

Start with a foundation of white walls and white flat panel cabinets and add bold structure and texture using man-made materials such as stainless steel, concrete, copper, glass… While you really have an open licence as far as colour is concerned just beware of cluttering the design – either visually with colour or physically with competing structures…

Transitional Kitchens

Can’t decide on your style? Well you’re in luck. A more recent movement called the Transitional style may be right up your design aisle.

Think warmth and traditional designs (the great timber kitchen you used to love) but modernised with clean simple lines from the contemporary school of thought. This style gives you the ability to create a strong traditional look but within context of something really fresh and modern.

Look for design elements with streamlined profile but strong flavours of modern timber finishes – simple panelled doors with crisp handle options. Pair this with natural surfaces for benchtops (granite etc). Don’t go so far as including decorative elements commonly seen in timber kitchens or other worktop decorations that look to ornate. If you go too far then you will simply be ‘traditional’.

trans 1  trans 2  polytec_THERMOLAMINATED_Doors-08

Because they offer a great deal of flexibility, they’re a great choice for homeowners whose taste spans the two.

Regardless of your taste, budget, or personal preferences, any of these styles will instantly feel welcoming and enjoyable to use when executed cleanly and well. Did you find your style?

So what now?

Why not try your own design out online – the Semble kitchen planner has been created to allow you the freedom to design online anytime you want…

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