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  • Dimensions: 75mm flange
  • Finish/Colour:

These modern LED[]s throw a warm, round fan of light. Stainless steel finish and is supplied with 2.5M cable with LED 24 plug.
Includes 3 lights and 1 transformer LED 24/15W

Longer connecting cable available separately and will allow lights to be positioned apart

In-line motion switch available separately for auto operation with doors


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arc cutout

This low power consumption luminaire requires a 68mm cutout hole. In most applications you can mount directly into the base of overhead cabinets or the top lid of tall Tall pantries.

Designed to be flushed mounted, these LEDs throw a 53 degree arc of light and perfect for task or accent lighting over benchtops.  Connect directly into a standard GPO or for a neat installation have an electrician install a remote switch in a secret location….


Connection: LED Transformer DC24V (included)

Wattage: 2.5 Watts per Luminaire

Lamp: Extremely Long-Life 36 x 70mW LED, Ø life 30,000 hours

Energy Efficiency: LED: 55lm/W Luminaire: 122lm (49lm/W)

Colour Rendering: Very Good, RA = 90

Special Features: Low Power Consumption; No UV Rays; Flush Mounting in 16mm Panels

On average, residents living on the eastern seaboard of Australia can expect delivery of their flat pack kitchen within 7-10 working days with Adelaide (+48 hrs) and Perth (+72hrs) having a little more time in transit.

* Please note: some custom products and colours may attract additional lead times. You will see this clearly displayed on your quote if applicable.

Due to the online ordering and custom-made nature of the products which are purchased, we are unable to offer any returns or refunds and therefore we ask you to choose very carefully before ordering.

“You press the button on our machine…”

We are very happy to assist in reviewing your design prior to ordering, both for technical as well as design advice – don’t hesitate to contact us?

In order to meet our customer’s delivery expectations around Australia we have developed a highly automated manufacturing system which means that your specific order will be immediately committed to production after your payment is confirmed through our website. This means we are unable to effect a refund if you change your mind. Again we ask, please choose very carefully before ordering.

Please contact us at if require any clarification in this policy.

Semble offer a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty which protects the original Purchaser of Semble products (including flat pack cabinets, doors, panels, drawer fronts, and laminate benchtops purchased in the original package), from sub-standard materials and/or substandard workmanship in the Semble product range.

This Manufacturer’s Warranty only applies to the original user and requires the Semble products to be properly maintained and used for normal domestic use. The Manufacturer’s Warranty applies for the period of 7 years from delivery of the Semble products.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover defects caused by any of the following:

1. Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches and cuts) or damage caused by impacts or accidents.

2. Incorrect or negligent installation, construction, storage or assembly.

3. Installation contrary to instructions provided.

4. Deliberate mistreatment, negligent use or misuse.

5. Insufficient or improper care (including using incorrect or inappropriate cleaning products of methods). Care instructions are available online at Semble.

6. Failure to observe directions for care.

7. Fading, discolouration or damage caused by exposure to intensive or excessive light, moisture or heat (including excessive steam on doors, panels, drawer fronts and cabinets).

8. Alterations, modifications or use of the Semble Flat Pack Kitchens products which are beyond or in a way which is inconsistent with the supplied product instructions and which have not been authorised by Semble (Kitchen Brands Pty Ltd).

9. Any alteration of Semble products caused by repairs.

10. Any damage relating from moisture or exposure to water.

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