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The secret behind the Semble concept is simple: accurate and quality Australian made components designed & machined for one purpose: to be put together easily by you, in your home, with minimal tools. Every component, every cabinet, every order is manufactured on our state-of-the-art production centre. This means you can rely on your cabinets fitting together, being square, and very strong once correctly assembled.

This production facility also gives us the flexibility to design each cabinet uniquely for flatpack assembly. This means each component is cut, drilled, and edged exactly as it needs to be and does not carry unneeded holes like many common flatpack components do. This makes assembly a breeze; each hole has a screw or a dowel!

Having components drilled accurately with CNC machinery means peace of mind: not only will each cabinet assemble easily and accurately, when you hang your doors, or insert your drawers, you know they will be perfect – only requiring normal minor adjustment after installation is complete.

To make sure you receive the precise cabinets in your order, with the right colour doors, we’ve taken away the human element… once you finalise your order on the website, Semble sends your order details electronically to our secure server at our production facility where it is automatically loaded into our production queue ready for the very next shift.

This means we have practically eliminated all possible error and you can be sure, from a single cabinet to a large and complex kitchen order, that you will receive exactly what you have designed and ordered.

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