Semble offer a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty protects the original Purchaser of Semble products.


Semble Warranty Information

Semble offer a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty protects the original Purchaser of Semble products (including flat pack cabinets, doors, panels, drawer fronts, and laminate benchtops purchased in the original package), from sub-standard materials and/or substandard workmanship in the Semble product range.

This Manufacturer’s Warranty only applies to the original user and requires the Semble products to be properly maintained and used for normal domestic use. The Manufacturer’s Warranty applies for the period of 7 years from delivery of the Semble products.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover defects caused by any of the following:

  1. Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches and cuts) or damage caused by impacts or accidents.
  2.  Incorrect or negligent installation, construction, storage or assembly.
  3. Installation contrary to instructions provided.
  4. Deliberate mistreatment, negligent use or misuse.
  5. Insufficient or improper care (including using incorrect or inappropriate cleaning products of methods). Care instructions are available online at Semble.
  6. Failure to observe directions for care.
  7. Fading, discolouration or damage caused by exposure to intensive or excessive light, moisture or heat (including excessive steam on doors, panels, drawer fronts and cabinets).
  8. Alterations, modifications or use of the Semble Flat Pack Kitchens products which are beyond or in a way which is inconsistent with the supplied product instructions and which have not been authorized by Semble (Kitchen Brands Pty Ltd).
  9. Any alteration of Semble Flat Pack kitchens products caused by repairs.
  10. Any damage relating from moisture or exposure to water.

Specific Product Warranties

We are able to extend specific warranties on different materials & products which are shipped as part of our product range and separate details can be found through the following links:

Polytec Doors & Benchtops: Subject to the conditions and limitations set out in the warranty, the products supplied to you will, under normal use be free from defects arising from manufacture of the product, the warranty period for the products supplied is 7 years. In the event that a claim is made and it is established to Polytec’s satisfaction that there is a manufacturing defect in the product in breach of the warranty in clause 1, then Polytec will, at its option, either repair the product at polytec’s premises or on site (as elected by Polytec) or provide replacement product (in a manner polytec considers reasonable). This warranty does not extend to fair wear and tear, delamination or any damage, defects or failures within the product which (in Polytec’s opinion) directly or indirectly arise from on-site use. For full warranty terms and conditions on the Polytec Benctops and Doors read here:  Warranty Statement.

Laminex Decorative surfaces (includes standard doors and optional SILK colours). The Laminex Group warrants the original purchaser of any (Semble Standard doors) Vertiboard or (Semble Gloss doors) Silk Finish for interior residential use who is a consumer. It will as its option, repair or replace without charge if it is defective directly as a result of its manufacture during the first 7 years after initial purchase. Proof of purchase will be required. The warranty does not cover where the defect is trivial or insubstantial. If the defective material no longer forms part of the Laminex Groups standard stock range it reserves the right to provide a replacement product of as close a shape, type and colour match as is reasonably possible from the current prevailing product range. For full warranty terms and conditions read Laminex VERTIBOARD or SILK Warranty Statements for further informtion.

Blum Warranty Blum, Inc. (Blum) warrants its lift systems, hinges and/or drawer runners against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the products. Blum will send the original purchaser, without charge, new Blum hardware to replace and defective Blum hardware subject to warranty. This warranty is a warranty of replacement only. Blum specifically does not warrant removal of the defective hardware nor installation of new hardware. This warranty does not cover hardware that has been incorrectly installed, exposed to excessive loads or otherwise used in any manner contrary to its intended purpose. In the event the defective Blum hardware is obsolete or has been discontinued, Blum reserves the right to replace the defective hardware with a current offering. No guarantee of interchangeability is offered. For full warranty terms and conditions read Blum Warranty Statement

To make a claim, contact Blum customer service on 1800 179 186 or email where our customer service team will advise you on the process.

Blum Australia Pty. Ltd.
10 Blackbird Close Len Waters Estate NSW 2168

Phone: 1800 179 186 Email:

Lincoln Sentry Warranty. Semble sell a number of hardware accessories from the Lincoln Sentry group which carry specific and different warranties. Generally, the warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the hardware product and is non-transferable. It does not cover corrosion or tarnishing caused by adverse atmospheric conditions, incorrect care and maintenance. In the case of a warranty claim, Lincoln Sentry reserves the right to re-supply the handles only or refund the original purchaser if the handles are no longer available. Contact for specific product information queries.

Oliveri Sinks: All Oliveri sinks are provided with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty that complies with the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) in Australia ( This means that your Oliveri sink is warranted to be:of merchantable quality—that is, goods need to reach a basic level of quality given the price of the goods and any description that is provided with the goods, fit for the purpose or job that the consumer described to you or that are self-evident, match any description or sample given to the consumer whether in promotional material, over the phone, in person, on a website or on labelling or packaging, and are free from defects and faults.

Oliveri Tapware: Oliveri mixer taps are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 10 Years: 5 years only (parts & labour) plus an additional 5 years on the Cartridge (parts only), when used in a domestic situation. The warranty does not cover against normal wear and may be voided if the product is misused or not installed in accordance with individual installation instructions.

Read full details here: Warranty Statement.

Baumatic Appliance range includes a 2 year supplier’s warranty which covers:

  1. Your Think appliance is automatically covered by a supplier’s warranty that your appliance will be free from defective material and faulty manufacture.
  2. This 2 year supplier’s warranty only applies when your Think appliance was bought (and for as long as it is used) for a domestic or household purpose.
  3.  This 2 year supplier’s warranty is subject to the appliance being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4.  After inspection by Think Appliances, if there is found to be defective materials or faulty manufacture within the warranty period, Think Appliances will elect (at its sole discretion) whether to repair, replace or refund the value of the appliance.
  5. Please note: all microwaves covered by this warranty are covered by a 30 day replacement policy from date of purchase.  After the 30 day period, and for the residual duration of the 2 year warranty, Think Appliances will elect (at its sole discretion) whether to repair, replace or refund the value of the microwave.
  6. This warranty only covers the first 50km travelled each way by a repair technician to the appliance location and return.
  7. If Think Appliances elects to replace the defective or faulty appliance, a replacement of an equivalent model of similar value will be provided.  In this case, the balance (if any) of the original 2 year supplier’s warranty (from the original date of purchase) will be applied to the replacement appliance.

Try the Baumatioc website for further information...

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